Gardening in Miniature - All new 4th edition

Growing Micro-Miniature Sinningias


Purchase my 24 page booklet featuring growing and propagating information on micro-miniature sinningias, one of the smallest flowering houseplants you can grow.  The colored inner pages of the front and back of my booklet show photographs of many of the micro-miniature sinningia species plants and their hybrids.

These tiny plants are related to african violets and enjoy a similar culture although they do best in terrarium conditions.

Periodically (weather permitting) I offer plants for sale from my complete collection of micro-miniature sinningias.  Write me at my e-mail address for current availability, shipping dates and pricing (  Please note that I cannot ship plants during the Winter months.

(To order my booklet, click on the "RATES AND SERVICES" tab shown above). 

**PLEASE NOTE: I am very sorry but I have decided to discontinue selling plants anywhere but within the U.S. due to warnings from other growers of hefty fines for shipping plant materials outside of the country. Please accept my sincere apology for having to make this decision. I may have seeds that I can send at times, contact me for more information.